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Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

A friend of mine, who happens to also be a successful, serial-entrepreneur, recently started a website called HeadStartUp is the largest database of really effective web-based tools and resources to help you get your small business startup up and running, fast.

I’m not endorsing the site because David is my friend, I’m endorsing the site because I use it myself, and our portfolio companies have found it very useful as well.

It’s a great resource when you have questions like… How much would a new logo cost? What is the best online meeting service? Can I outsource telephone calls? Who makes the best social networking apps out there? How can I automate invoicing? What is the best online backup service?

HeadStartup was started by entrepreneurs and built for entrepreneurs. They’re on top of the newest and hottest stuff and they only endorse things they’ve actually used. It’s easy to get bogged down trying to find solutions for your business, so make life a little bit easier and check out… tell David I sent you!



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