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I was first introduced to computers when I was 7 years-old. Our school bought four Apple Macintosh II’s. Our school’s resident computer expert, the librarian, taught each class how to use the computer. I wasn’t really impressed with the computers until she introduced us to HyperCard, then my life changed.

The idea that I could create my own digital cartoons and stories blew my mind. Instead of Lego’s I was all about the Mac, so much so my grandparents dropped a cool $6,000 to buy a Mac so my brothers and I could play on it. I could spend days building tricked-out animations. I loved it.


In high school it was all about Dell, Gateway and Microsoft. The idea that you could custom build a PC was amazing. Computers were faster than ever and you I could get on our family’s Dell late at night and talk to girls through AOL Instant Messenger, V 1.o. We even dabbled in HTML and built some pretty ugly websites on those big, ugly PC’s.


During college and into my working years laptop PC’s were my go-to machines. Dell and IBM laptops were basically the only brands I would buy because they were high quality and compatible with the software I needed (Word and Excel). Anytime I saw someone with an Apple I would call them a hippie and tell them their computer sucked. PC’s rule and Apple is for teachers and artists. Businessmen and nerds use PC’s!

Current day…

It’s been 22 years since I first fell in love with the Apple Macintosh II and now I’m an Apple guy again. I just bought a MacBook Pro earlier this year and it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned by far. I didn’t buy my Macbook because it was pretty or the cool thing to do. I asked the smartest nerds I know what they recommend and 100% of them said Apple makes the best machines.

So I’ve come full-circle since my early computing days… I suppose once and Apple fan, always an Apple fan.


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