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Is Mark Zuckerberg an extraterrestrial or just a nerdy dick-head?

I just read The Accidental Billionaires and there seemed to be one major theme… Mark Zuckerberg is a dick. Obviously you can’t believe everything you read so I decided to do some follow-up research. It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg really does have a lot of enemies. I also watched some videos of Mark and I can’t tell if he’s a dick or just socially handicapped?

One of the best sites I came across while researching Mark Zuckerberg was Dickipedia. The site is absolutely hilarious and Mark’s Dickipedia page could not be funnier ( One of my favorite excerpts from his page…

“In the grand dick tradition that has been passed on for hundreds of years, Zuckerberg attended both Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University, a combination which boasts a 97.5% total-dick graduation rate towards advanced degrees in “General Entitlement” as well as “Being an Asshole.”

Hahahahaha! I guess if somebody spends the time to create a Dickipedia page for you probably ARE a dick.


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