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Is Mark Zuckerberg an extraterrestrial or just a nerdy dick-head?

I just read The Accidental Billionaires and there seemed to be one major theme… Mark Zuckerberg is a dick. Obviously you can’t believe everything you read so I decided to do some follow-up research. It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg really does have a lot of enemies. I also watched some videos of Mark and I can’t tell if he’s a dick or just socially handicapped?

One of the best sites I came across while researching Mark Zuckerberg was Dickipedia. The site is absolutely hilarious and Mark’s Dickipedia page could not be funnier ( One of my favorite excerpts from his page…

“In the grand dick tradition that has been passed on for hundreds of years, Zuckerberg attended both Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University, a combination which boasts a 97.5% total-dick graduation rate towards advanced degrees in “General Entitlement” as well as “Being an Asshole.”

Hahahahaha! I guess if somebody spends the time to create a Dickipedia page for you probably ARE a dick.


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Sean’s analysis is both entertaining and interesting. Sean certainly has vision (Napster, Plaxo, Facebook) and I agree with most of his points. However, why does everything come down to who wins and who loses? Last month analysts were drooling over the fact that Apple’s market share eclipsed Microsoft. Now Sean is making a case for why Facebook and Twitter will grow past Google.

Who cares?

Reality is that Facebook will be the dominate social network and Google will be the dominate search engine. Sean is comparing apples and oranges. Saying that Facebook will surpass Google is like saying Polo is going to surpass Nike… it doesn’t make any sense.

The fact is that Google will continue to be Google. I will always need to search for things on the Internet. Facebook will always be Facebook. I like staying in touch with friends and family and sharing information with them. I take a dump everyday. I also brush my teeth everyday. I don’t do them together. Sure, they both happen in the bathroom, but they’re two different things.

In the future Facebook, Google and Twitter will ALL be successful, and they will all coexist happily ever after.

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Q: If I were to give you $1 million of stock in one company, what company would you choose?

A: If you didn’t pick Google, you’re out of your mind.

Google owns the Internet. Google has the world’s best search engine. Through it’s wholly owned subsidiary, YouTube, Google dominates online video. Google has also dominated online advertising with AdWords and AdSense. Now Google is working on democratizing television advertising with GoogleTV.

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John Doerr is arguably the most successful venture capitalist of the last 30 years. John has been at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) since 1980 and since then he’s been the lead investor for Amazon, Google and Zazzle, just to name a few.

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