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I was first introduced to computers when I was 7 years-old. Our school bought four Apple Macintosh II’s. Our school’s resident computer expert, the librarian, taught each class how to use the computer. I wasn’t really impressed with the computers until she introduced us to HyperCard, then my life changed.

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Whether you’re just starting your own business, or you’re running a Fortune 500 company, this book is an absolute must read. Instead of spending $70k at business school, I could have spent $20 and spared two years of my life! I’m sure most of you have read Good to Great, but if you haven’t yet then you need to buy this book immediately and start reading it tonight.

I will recommend a ton of other great business books, but Good to Great is the only one that is a must read. Jim Collins does an amazing job dissecting the reasons why some companies are mediocre while others are exceptional. He uses scientific method and facts, as opposed to opinions, to illustrate the characteristics that make companies great.

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A friend of mine, who happens to also be a successful, serial-entrepreneur, recently started a website called HeadStartUp is the largest database of really effective web-based tools and resources to help you get your small business startup up and running, fast.

I’m not endorsing the site because David is my friend, I’m endorsing the site because I use it myself, and our portfolio companies have found it very useful as well.

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